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Message from Kath Dempster (Kath’s Crafts for LUPUS)

Kath’s Krafts For Lupus

I am saying a huge thank you to all of you for have supported me in these amazing and unbelievable few months.  I know some of you do not use Facebook and would not see my thanks which I posted in July after I sent off another donation to Lupus UK totalling £2000 this year.  I had one event in February, then we had lockdown.  I had to cancel a few fairs and I thought I would have no more fundraising for a while, but at end of March a FB customer asked me to make masks.  I was a bit apprehensive, thinking they would not be adequate but she insisted and said patterns were online.  So I used one, with adaptions, and got a few orders until, my elder son, looking after my interests, but wearing his “Health & Safety Hat“ said I should be wary in case anyone thought they would be completely Covid-19 protective.  So, then I issued a disclaimer with them and had a steady amount of orders for them from all over UK.  Then when it was announced that in England masks/face coverings would have to be worn in shops, the following week, I had an influx of orders and in a week had sent off £500 to Lupus UK. I now know what it must be like to work in a “sweat shop”. Most of the money sent to Lupus this year has been from mask sales but because my World Lupus coffee day was cancelled, I decided on a virtual one and raised a fantastic sum of £400.

I would also say a big thank you to all my quilting and non-quilting friends, who over the years have donated me their “scraps” of fabric.  Their contribution has meant I do not need to buy many, if any, fabrics and so do not have many expenses to take out of the money raised, but maybe a lot for elastic recently!  My selection of fabrics for masks now is greatly reduced but another good friend appeared a few weeks ago with 2 large bags of fabrics etc.  Metres of different designs, so plenty of fabric yet but not a large range.  Making masks and sewing has benefitted my wellbeing too, as I feel I am doing something useful to help and it filled in my time when I was confined to the house and garden.

So, I may not be able to do any fairs this year but I still have a stock of items, either to sell through my Facebook page or to save for future fairs.  I was and am able to post most items, as long as they fitted into the post boxes for Dave to post when he went out for his daily walk.  Our neighbour helped out twice with larger parcels which he sent via his business carrier.  So, there is always a way! I think we will be required to wear masks/face coverings for a while yet, so I have a stock ready made up.

So once again THANK YOU all

Kath Dempster