North West Lupus Group

Sophie Ainsworth (Whalley)

Position: Committee Member
Sophie has been a member of the North West Committee for the last few years

She was diagnosed with lupus over five years ago when she was aged 14 after being ill for six months.

Sophie who is now 20 will start her final year at Durham University in October where she is studying English literature.

A couple of years after being diagnosed Sophie set up the charity RAiISE.

RAiISE stands for Raising Awareness of Invisible Illness in Schools and Education. The charity raises awareness of a variety invisible illnesses that effect young people including lupus, diabetes, mental health conditions, colitis, CFS and many others. RAiISE has also created a pack to be used in schools to help teachers support young people.

Sophie has been a member of the NIHR Involve Research Advisory group for the last two years and has presented on the issues young people face who are living with a chronic condition at many conferences and workshops including Eular, The Royal Society of Medicine and The Houses of Parliament.

Away from charity work Sophie is a huge fan of film and would one day like to work in film or television production. Other interests include music and travelling as much as she can.

Sophie is a big supporter of Lupus UK who have been a great help to her after her diagnosis and enjoys being part of our North West group.