North West Lupus Group

Peter Hulse (Chester)

Position: Committee Member

Hi everyone.  I am Peter Hulse, Sally’s Dad and Lorraine’s husband. My story is basically the same as Lorraine’s, but whereas she spent her whole career in hospitals, I was a Business Analyst by profession and the archetypal big(ish) chap who gets sweaty palms going for a flu jab! Of course, with Sally’s diagnosis that pretty well changed overnight and anything I could do to help combat this condition became key. It was therefore a natural step to volunteer to join the committee. Actually, Lorraine and Sally volunteered themselves and presented me with a ‘fait accompli’ – I was volunteered too! I’ve never once regretted it though. The opportunity to help combat this debilitating condition even in only a small way is the least I can do for Sally, and others like her both now and in the future. We also meet some truly inspirational people, who live life to the full in spite of their problems. In my spare time I play guitar and sing in a couple of folk/country bands which keeps me out of mischief and helps with fund-raising too.